Scope of Nursing

Nursing care is highly in demand all around the globe. The hospitals would cease to function if nurses are not available. The whole health care sector has great demands for nurses. People want appropriately qualified professionals and thus, students are choosing professional degree courses rather than certification or others.
Nursing graduates after their registration with State Nursing Council, have lot of job opportunities in Govt./private and corporate hospitals and even overseas, they can also work as a Nursing Tutor at Colleges of Nursing.

In today’s era, nurses are not just required in a hospital set up but also in the smaller clinics, OPDs, on fields at various sports events, at home for personalized health care, in certain corporate institutions as a part of their team and even as a part of many research projects. Nurses work and practice in a variety of healthcare settings, including schools and universities, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, physicians’ offices, diagnostic clinics, relief/medical camps, railway hospitals, and national defense bases (army/air force/navy).

In addition, nursing professional degree holders can pursue higher education like Master Degree in Nursing (MSc Nursing) and PhD. They can also study various diploma or degree courses in Cardio Thoracic Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Emergency and Disaster Nursing, Operation Room Nursing, Neuro Science Nursing, Neonatal Nursing, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Nursing, Oncology Nursing and Midwifery Nursing.